Strong password generation made easy.



Arcana generates passwords based on a combination of dictionary words, numbers and punctuation.

In order to generate a password you need to specify a format.
The default format is '3,n,5,p,4'.

The format is specified as a set of numbers and letters separated by commas, where:

  1. A number represents a word with an equal number of letters (e.g. '3' becomes a three letter word);
  2. The character 'n' represents a single digit number; and
  3. The character 'p' represents a single punctuation character.

So the default format of '3,n,5,p,4' gives a password made up of a 3 letter word, followed by a single number, followed by a 5 letter word, followed by a single punctuation character, followed by a 4 letter word (e.g. 'Job4Melon!Sake'), which is hopefully quite memorable but still quite secure.
Arcana currently supports words between 1 and 17 letters long.

Arcana also has a button which will copy the generated password to the pasteboard.