So, who is behind Tekuris?

Although Tekuris is a 'one man band', I try to rope people in to do the drawing and testing. Unfortunately I'm the only monkey who can write code around here, so that's what I do. Check the about panel of each application to find the drawing and testing credits.

What is Tekuris all about?

The aim of Tekuris is to create simple to use software for Mac OS X. Initially, I am starting from the position of creating applications that I find useful or that I observe others to have a need for. I am also starting from the position of giving everything away for free and asking people to donate whatever they think is appropriate for the products they find useful.

What skills do you have?

My full time job is as an Avionic Systems Engineer in the UK working on mission critical helicopter software, slightly different from what you find here but it has given me quite a broad spectrum of skills. Among others, I am experienced in the following programming languages:

  1. Ada95;
  2. C;
  3. Cocoa;
  4. HTML;
  5. Javascript;
  6. PHP; and
  7. Unix shell scripting.

I am also experienced at using UML.

Wain Glaister